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Learn with Lilly was formed out of a passion for wanting to see women win in business. I am the founder and creative director of a super cute boutique called Lilly's Kloset. In 5 years I took my initial investment of $2,500 and grossed over 4 million dollars in sales. The Lilly's Kloset brand has grown through social media with over 480k followers on Instagram and over 120k on Facebook. I have also built a large personal following of fashion lovers and women looking to be inspired. I say this all to say I know my stuff. When it comes to building a brand I have walk the walk. 
Although all content and courses are created by myself I can't take all the credit. This company was also formed of our interest and curiosity of my supporters. Many women have watched me bloom like a flower from the concrete and they wanted in! Well now is your chance to expand your knowledge on business with out spending a ton of money on a fancy degree.